Supporting Local Business

Our community is home to outstanding, creative local businesses. Ventures such as Spirit Tree Estate Cidery, Heatherlea Farm Shoppe, Rays 3rd Generation, Higher Ground Coffee Company, GoodLot Farmstead Brewing and others all contribute to the burgeoning tourist industry that is vital to our Ward’s distinct identity. 

Visitors flock to Ward 1 to bask in our landscapes and serenity, and we need to plan now for infrastructure and facilities that will efficiently manage a steadily growing volume of day visitors. Programs of agri-tourism and bed & breakfast locations can also expand the current lack of options for accommodations and encourage overnight stays and further business. 

Reliable, fast internet and cellular service is required for all business in Ward 1. Internet access is now a necessary utility at work and home, and without standard-level access, business in Ward 1 will be hampered.